Canadian Startups Trends in Fitness

The Future of Fitness is shifting towards data-oriented apps that incorporate both the old-fashioned workouts and analytics technology to reduce cost, save time, and improve your mental and physical health at your convenience. Until the innovation of the tech-driven healthcare apps, you could jog around, run about, or lift weights but never keep an accurate track of your fitness journey. You could step on the treadmill to run and have an arbitrary measure of the distance and heart rate for those few minutes you used the treadmill. Fast forward to this day; the fitness trend has now shifted to mobile apps that can keep track every step of your life.

Grand Fitness Mondial recommends the Canadian health and fitness Startups that use technology to monitor your sugar level, blood pressure, eating habits, and other health concerns while you go about doing your daily chores. The next generation of exercising depends on digital healthcare fitness apps that can help you fight emerging lifestyle diseases. Whether you are a starter or a new fitness trainer, here are some of the Canadian Startups fueled by modern technology to merge the current fitness trends.


Grand Fitness Mondial recommends the PumpUp app for your exercising needs. The app provides you with an optimal workout experience as well as motivation from other users. The app has become popular among fitness apps because it serves as a social workout community. Here you meet like-minded individuals that can motivate you whenever you feel and or want to skip a gym. The app allows you to create a custom workout, take a picture, and share with other users to keep them motivated.


The current fitness trends require gym instructors to monitor the progress of their members and advice help them in their fitness journey. The Grand Fitness Mondial recommends Gymtrack because it consists of at least three devices that can help you monitor your fitness routine. It consists of a smart pin that records the weight, reps, and sets that you do at the gym every day. It also has a barbell attachment that keeps track of how much weight you loss whenever you step in the gym. Gymtrack has replaced the current weight loss and weight stack machines. It helps you receive feedback from your trainer regarding your bodyweight exercise.


Gymnut app avails a platform for a community of fitness enthusiasts. The app offers free and published workouts that can be customized to fit your fitness needs. Gymnut has a workout store for different meal plans for trainers. The Grand Fitness Mondial recommends this app to users who want to follow their trainers for inspiration. You can pay for the app or even share with your friends to unlock your free workout manual.


OnSet is a community-driven fitness app that allows you to follow your trainers and fellow fitness enthusiasts. The app will enable you to like and comment on categorized workouts. The app is most popular among online fitness apps because it uses a categorization model that allows you to filter the type of exercise you want. You can choose from a variety of categories including, muscle groups and power-lifting. The app uses an interface similar to Instagram but has an additional unique categorization model that enables you to explore workouts based on categories such as yoga, muscle build-up, and fat burn.


Calm is also another fitness Startup that helps you with your social and psychological wellbeing. The app has digital products that help you manage your stress, helping you to improve your mind and body. The product has a new health technology section for your mindfulness and wellness.


The uBiome app enables you to shape the culture of health and fitness through machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Grand Fitness Mondial recommends the fitness app because it helps people monitor human conditions such as diabetes that may be related to the human microbiome.

Grand Fitness Mondial recommends the fitness startups, Shaping the Future of Fitness

The fitness trends have shifted to technology-based apps that continuously collect our body data and food consumption trends. The Grand MFitness ondial recommends the data-driven apps that monitor your fitness patterns 24/7. Visit the Grand Fitness Mondial website and learn more about the Canadian Startups shaping the future of fitness.