Only a few people can boast of having the privilege of subscribing to a gym membership, which is an excellent opportunity but imagine having a gym at home. Think about how easy it would be to burn off those extra calories in the comfort of your basement, exciting, right, no one there to tell you what to do. Also, you will not have to put up with body shaming, from intruding people who cannot seem to mind their own business. However, the cost of having this piece of heaven in your basement and further the big space required will automatically cut short your dream. The price of the necessary equipment to make this a reality is just over the roof. However, before you despair in your quest, you can assemble your home gym using simple and easy to find equipment. At Grand Fitness Mondial, we specialize with everything fitness, and we shall design and build you a workout gym in your home. We have a wide range of offers that will make you rethink you already abandon fitness goals. Our offers range from VIP exclusive to standard offers that will be kind to your finances. Grand Fitness Mondial will turn your imagination into reality, no matter how small your budget and space is.

Best gym equipment for your home

While finding the right gym equipment is easy; finding that perfect fit to your home is always a challenge to many people. Home gym equipment should be easy to move and should not occupy too much of your space. Grand Fitness Mondial will advise on the best equipment, to help you get the most out of your space at home. Our trainers can also be with you on request to bring your home gym dream to reality. What is more, you can get a VIP exclusive gym experience at your place. Grand Mundial suggests the following equipment to spruce up your home gym:

Resistance band

This equipment comes in wide ranges and different sizes for all body sizes. The mini band’s versatility will help you build up muscles quickly. They come in different sizes and versatility to fit different body parts. While using this equipment will make you meet your health goals, getting the most out of them is essential. Grand Fitness Mondial helps you pick the right size and the right versatility to enable you to benefit fully. Our goal is to make you active and fit.

Jump ropes

Jump ropes are necessary for your home gym. Research shows that this equipment is beneficial for the heart. Heart muscles work tirelessly, and as such, they need some rejuvenation with a bit of some jumping exercise. Rotating your hands while jump roping will give your heart the much-needed exercise. Indoor jumping can sometimes get you in trouble with your ground floor neighbors, but if you have your own house, it is an excellent way to get that much-needed exercise. Grand Fitness Mondial will help fit your home with this fantastic equipment to get you exercising.

Yoga mat

Yoga is the best exercise to refresh your mind; it enables you to free yourself of all the negativity and appreciate the moment. If you have a hard floor in your home and some extra space, having a yoga mat will be the best way to get you exercising. Practice yoga at the comfort of your home with our established trainers. Having a home gym is great, but it can be better if you had a professional trainer to teach you both the basic and the complex elements of yoga. Getting the most of your workout will work to your advantage; you will work less and gain more. Grand Fitness Mondial offers VIP exclusive opportunities with our established trainers in the fitness industry to help you build your gym at home and get the most out of it.

Power cages

If you want to push your body to the limit, the best equipment to fix at your place is the power cage; it will allow you to do the heavy lifting. A perfect fit for your basement. Put Grand Fitness Mondial in your fitness plans and have this beast fitted in your home. Do your bench presses and barbell squats in the comfort of your home with one of our exciting trainers to help push you further. Make your home gym a sanctuary of fitness and involve your family too.

Working out is a great way to get you on the right track to fitness. Partnering with the experts will get you even healthier. Grand Fitness Mondial offers this and much more. Our offers are the best in the market to help spruce up your home gym. Build a gym with a offer of state of the art equipment recommended by the best in the fitness industry. Treat yourself like a real VIP at the comfort of your home.