The field of workout and fitness is filled with so many conflicting misconceptions about how you can get fit, which makes it very difficult to separate the truth from the myths. Fitness myths do not only circulate among the newbies in the fitness industry but also to some of the trainers and the fitness professionals. You need to be very careful if you are on the losing weight mission to avoid some misleading fitness myths from friends and some gym trainers.

To help you avoid the fitness misconceptions, below are 10 fitness myths.

Weight lifting makes you bulky

A significant number of people try as much as they can to not engage in weight lifting to avoid being bulky. Building muscles involves many factors; thus, it is difficult to get bulk than your fast appearance as a result of weight lifting. For muscles building, your food habits should include enough intakes of carbohydrates and protein to cover-up the calories you have burned.

Running may cause problems on your knees

There is no direct connection between knee problems and running, although there are some people who experience some discomfort on the leg joints and the knee after running. Being careful during your training and putting on the proper shoes for running will ensure a safe training session just like in the other sports.

More sweating means a better workout

Another fitness myth is that, just because you left the gym workout or fitness class with sweat all over your clothes means that you have necessarily worked hard. Sweating is only a body’s way of cooling down meaning excess sweating can be caused by a rise in temperatures from other sources rather than from the hard exercise sessions.

Optimal fitness is achievable by daily workout

Although consistency is essential in all the fitness activities, there should also be time for some ample rest and recovery in between the training sessions. Enough time to rest helps in allowing the muscles to get adapted to the training stress. For the newbies in the exercise and training field, you may apply the approach of “one day on one day off” while to the athletes who are advanced may only take a one resting day in a week.

The best way to tone your abs is by crunches

There is a common belief that sit-ups and crunches are the best activities for abs toning. This is a fitness myth; contrary to that, bridge crunches and plank exercises are far better in building the abdominal muscles.

Exercise is the best way to lose body weight or berry fats

Exercise alone is not the best way to cut berry fats and body weight because most of the people do not do enough exercise in a day. The basic and effective way of losing fat is dealing with the diet. It is much easier to cut weight by changing your food habits than taking exercises alone.

Creatine intake causes dehydration and cramps.

According to the studies carried out on the way the body reacts to the exercise carried out in places with extremely high heat, those who take creatine have a better performance than those who don’t. It is a fitness myth to say that the use of creatine cause dehydration or cramps at any time.

Walking is an enough workout

It is one of the fitness myths that have got profound roots. The fact is that walking is not even a workout; walking is just like breathing, which everyone should be doing anyway. Walking does not provide enough amount of exercise to the body of an individual.

Berry fats can be burnt through sit-ups

It is one of the most common fitness myths that exist. This myth leaves a person disappointed after taking a lot of time doing the sit-ups only to realize later that there are no positive results. Burning of berry fats requires one to perform exercises involving the whole body with big movements such as the push-ups, squats, chin-ups, and dead lifts in Grand Fitness Mondial.

Eating less may lead to weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, this is one of the most fitness myths. Most of the nutritionists advise you to eat less for weight loss though the body adapts to that condition of little food and starts functioning on the little you give it as normal. The result is nutritional deficiencies in the body leading to problems such as fatigue and not weight loss.

Carrying out a lot of exercises without changing the food habits resulting in high caloric intake will not lead to weight loss at all. It is a combination of exercises and regulation of the diet that gives positive weight loss results.